Team Arrivals

On behalf of DAAC, I am pleased and excited to have our Team Canada competing at the University of Guelph, home of Athlete’s Village for the World Dwarf Games 2017.
As soon as possible, let me know your teams travel plans so I can coordinate with the WDG organizers. Email me at with the following answers please:
  1. What is your name / athletes name?
  2. In which age class are you/they competing?
  3. What sports are you/they registered in at the World Games?
  4. What is your/their anticipated date and time of arrival?
  5. How many persons are in your travelling party?
  6. How many use wheelchairs or scooters for mobility?
  7. What is your airline/flight you have booked?
  8. What is your city of arrival? What terminal (if applicable)?
  9. What is your anticipated date and time of departure?
  10. How many persons are in your travelling party?
  11. How many use wheelchairs or scooters for mobility?
  12. What is your departure city, airport and terminal (if applicable)?
WDG will attempt to coordinate transportation to and from the airport of your choice: Toronto,ON, Waterloo, ON or Hamilton, ON Airports. There will be additional costs associated for this transportation depending upon number of travellers and arrival/departure dates and times.