Message from Dwarf Sports Association UK
2015 Para-badminton World Championships will be held in England from 8th to 13th September.
It will be held at Stoke Mandeville. The home of the paralympics movement.
Para-badminton has secured Paralympic status for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics but it is not known which classes will be included yet.
The dwarf class or small stature class (SS6) is part of the bid but it will only be included if there are lots of participants from all over the world in both mens’ and ladies’ events.
The world championships is the ideal opportunity to prove to the (Badminton World Federation) BWF and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) that there are enough dwarf players to sustain the SS6 class and to include the SS6 class in the 2020 Paralympics.
If you want to get involved then contact Badminton Canada at: email: or Tel: 613-569-2424 and tell them you are interested in playing in the Badminton World Federation Para-badminton World Championships.

Below are two links to news stories about the World Championships.