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Calling All Canadian Dwarf Athletes: We are building our 2017 Team Canada!

On August 5-12th, 2017 the World Dwarf Athletic Games will be held in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. As Canadians with a strong will and the spirit for competition we would again like to be in a position to enter both individuals and teams into these World Games. The process and participation is very inclusive.

To be part of the 2017 Team, to be part of the fun, to be part of history, contact us at: Contact@DwarfAthletics.ca

To register for the games themselves contact WDG 2017 at: info.wdg2017@gmail.com or visit WDG 2017 Registration website.

In 2013 Canadian athletes competed as a team for the first time showing our national pride and competed as Canadians. Our 2013 Team Canada brought back 65 metals.

With the next games in less than 1 year away we have been compiling a list of Canadian athletes and volunteers. Applications can be submitted at: Team Canada Athlete and Volunteer Applications Our objective is to again field both a junior and an open team in the team sports and as many participants as possible for the individual events.

The Uniform design and information is available and can be found at: DAAC Team Canada Uniform Information
The DEADLINE for ordering was JUNE 15, 2017.

Order your Uniforms and Team Apparel now at: DAAC Uniform and Apparel Shop

To all parents, friends and Little People – The uniform pieces can also be ordered by anyone wishing and interested in ordering. The more of us wearing Team Canada the better to encourage our athletes and showcase our country.

For equipment requirements each athlete needs to check the official World Dwarf Games 2017 site to ensure each athlete has the equipment required and the rules for the sports in which they are participating. For example, with soccer please have shin protectors for each athlete. (Hint: Search (Ctrl-F) for the word “equipment” within the respective PDF for more information on the equipment requirements.)

Irma Van De Bon-Nicol
Dwarf Athletic Association of Canada

We look forward to seeing you at the next World Games in the Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 2017.